The 2 W’s of Employability Catalyst?

Who is an Employability Catalyst ?

An Employability Catalyst (EC) is one, who could provide an objective assessment and review of your career path. Right from the basics of Resume, Interview Reviews, to Career Progression, Strength + Positive Focused Career planning etc. The EC will have to have an in-depth experience in hiring process, interviewing, career development, and cross functional and cross industry experience. Thereby sharing the knowledge and skills required to move from the “side road” to the “main road”.

Why an EC is required ?

An Individual normally requires an external resource person to be healthy and develop oneself. In Education, there is a Teacher ; In sickness there is Doctor, In Careers it is an EC. An EC could walk with you, provide insight into the various blind spots in the areas that matter in your career progression. Senior Management and Top Management professionals have a Mentor/Coach. Not everyone could afford and have access to these professionals. The EC will work as the catalyst required to give this boost in the right direction, by highlighting positive aspects of the Individual’s professional life. This will also cover the areas of improvement required to complement the career growth.