For the undivided attn of Job Seekers!

Many of the Job seekers use Placement Consultants as a channel for sourcing jobs.  A recent incident, which occurred is the motivation behind this article. A friend and professional associate, was approached by a “Consultant” stating that there are job opportunities which are available and that he would need to pay about Rs. 16,000/- for their “services”.  My friend , contacted me and we did some check and found out that this company was a fraudulent one and had earlier criminal cases , had been shut down and had recommenced their business.  My friend , decided against using their services based on the information provided.  The author of this article has also experienced such situations, earlier in the beginning of his career , while hunting for jobs. This lead us to think about the many gullible job seekers, who would not have access to such information.  Hence this article.  There are a few critical pointers one needs to look for while utilizing the services of Placement Consultant .  Some of them are listed below:

  1. When you are approached by a Placement Consultant, please assess the company/Consultant background , before getting into any payment. The assessment should include their prior experience and expertise in the industry, the background of the promoters etc.
  2. Any kind of financial implication, should not be immediately paid, when only a promise or statement that job opportunities will be got .
  3. Any amount , termed as registration fee or agency fee, is the 1st indicator of something going wrong, especially , if asked as advance.
  4. One needs to personally visit the office of the Consultant and ascertain , whom one is dealing with.
  5. There are professional bodies in this sector also, such as Executive Recruiters Association , Indian Staffing Federation, who would follow professional ways of rendering services. One could check their websites.
  6. For senior level openings such as 10+ experience, it will be ideal to meet the Consultant handling your profile in person , to understand more details of the role and the agency’s expectations.
  7. Always check and verify Consultants from other cities/ towns, as one cannot know the actual workings without visiting them in person. One could always check with friends, family , peers about the Consultant , in case they are unable to visit the town or city.
  8. Do also consult Lawyers/ Advocates , who could be in your circle of friends, where the agency fee and terms and conditions are above Rs. 1000/-.

The author has seen candidates offering money to provide fake experience certificates or for finding them a job. The candidates were informed that the path they are taking will not lead them in the right direction on the long run.