My Experiences as a Candidate with Placement Companies!

The thought of sharing my experiences while meeting/interacting with various placement companies as a candidate in my earlier days was going on. This is to benefit those who are seeking job opportunities and Consultants alike. Needless to say, these experiences taught me specifically, “how not to treat candidates” in my current role of being a Principal Consultant and Founder of Trinity Associates, a boutique HR Consulting Firm set up in June 2002.

This happened in the year 1999 (over 17 years ago), when I had completed my MBA and was looking out for suitable jobs. I visited quite a few placement consultants, some of them of repute also. I give briefly the experience I had with a few of them, I am able to recall.

  • I walked in to meet a consultant and was told that I need to pay Rs. 35/- for accepting my resume and that they will call for interviews soon. I paid Rs. 35/- with a lot of earnest and waited for calls.   Followed up, they said they will get back. None came.
  • A Consultant company emailed me from Delhi, stating that there are suitable opportunities and will need to pay Rs. 350 as ‘registration fee’. Sent a cheque for the same and waited. A year goes by (by then I am in a job), the very same mail is sent to me informing me of suitable opportunities and to pay the ‘registration fee’. I sent them the soft copy of the details paid earlier. No response came, neither did they attempt contacting me after that.
  • I visited a Consultant in Nungambakkam, (still remember the office was quite empty, disorganized) and the consultant told me hand over the resume, and he put it in box filled with other resumes, without even asking me any questions. I was told, they will get back. The box looked more like a waste paper basket than a storage place for resumes.
  • I received a call from a Consultant for job which had no relevance to my qualification or experience. I asked the Consultant, whether they had gone through  my resume. The answer was yes, I think so.

The learning outcomes :

  1. Never to give false commitments to candidates or clients
  2. Read the profile of the candidate before talking to candidate and see the viability of fitment to the role.
  3. No financial dealings with candidates, as this is a form of service commitment to candidate revert with a tangible service.
  4. Treat a candidate professionally
  5. Each Candidate has the potential to build your brand positively.

Times have changed, issues faced by Consultants and Candidates are also changing dynamically. But one thing is sure, These learnings among the many still hold good even today.

Failures/Delays/Stagnation in Career Progression!

These are best times to introspect on our strengths, rededicated our efforts 10 fold and reinvent our selves to match the ever changing working challenges/opportunities we face in our lives. We are much more precious than the 100 note, which is crumbled, thrown on the floor and dirtied…the value remains the same. So much more for us human beings whom God created with great love. Our value is priceless. If we do not have bad times, we will never appreciate the good times.. it is balancing equation. All of us go through this. Time will reveal this to us, if we do the above! God Bless!