My First Job Interview & Job Offer – IT Trainer @ Officers Training Academy , Chennai

This happened during the mid 90’s, when I was on the verge of completing my 1+ years IT Course. The job opportunity came through my Faculty and it was as at OTA, Chennai as trainer for teaching IT fundamentals to the Officer Cadets.

On the day of the interview, I arrived there to see almost 50 other candidates for the same role. I had brought my tie, but had not tied it in the proper manner. A classmate of mine, who was one of the Officer Cadets, saw me and pointed out that the tie was not properly worn, he came forward and helped me wear it well.  The interview process long as it included Group Discussions, Technical Interview and HR Interview. Finally by afternoon or so, the results were announced. Two candidates were selected. One was a girl and the other me. The salary and perks were all good. One will treated as an Officer etc . The time came to take a decision. Both of us, who got selected , were discussing the offer and both of us declined the offer.

My reason to decline the offer was that somehow during the whole process, I could not see myself as a IT Trainer, though the work place was very impressive , salary and perks good.  I questioned myself, whether I will be happy doing this job for a couple of years as it was a contract for 1-2 years. After analyzing what was expected in the role and what would be my contribution. I decided to turned down the offer. I always cherish this job opportunity and it gives a great sense of achievement, that my 1st interview was also my 1st job offer.

My Key Take Aways :

  1. Analyze well on what the role entails, before you decide.
  2. Check, if you are will be satisfied / happy at the beginning and end of the work.
  3. Salary and Perks will never compensate Happiness and Peace of mind.
  4. It is ok to say ‘No’ after proper job-interview analysis is done.
  5. Each Interview Opportunity is a learning experience.

Steady Job Hunting!

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