Success & Failure on the Same Page!

As an Entrepreneur , one gets to experience success and failure almost equally. How do we treat success ? How do we treat Failure ?

We are happy that we succeeded in our efforts, time invested, and to see our strategy worked.. In the case of failure, how do we react ? Disappointment ?, Helplessness ?, Discouragement ? When we succeed , we normally do not think back on how we succeeded , we tend to enjoy the moment . In failure, we tend to think, what/how/Who went wrong?

From the history of those who succeeded, we see they went through more failures than successes? The biggest advantage , we have when we fail, is that we have time and space to rethink on how we are going forward. What worked…What was the weak link in the chain of events ? Lets never waste this time and space, this will be like the 2nd foundation for us to leap out of our situation.

I Believe, whatever happens …happens for the good (long term basis). We would not be able to see it immediately. My professional experience has shown that what we thought was loss of opportunity of financial gain, turned out to be a big blessing! This has happened number of times. People, Places teach us , fine tune us. It is a big challenge to overcome this momentary failure…lets always look ahead..on why we started out to do what we do? This will encourage us and rekindle our will to move on.

My sincere conclusion is, lets not make a big thing about failures..whether it is our failures, the failure of our team, failure of our Co. … there is larger success awaiting us. Let’s place our strengths, will power to surge ahead to attain the goal. Life is a journey… success and failure and even sometimes waiting for opportunities is part of this journey . Hope & Pray that we all achieve the purpose of our lives!

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