The New PPF in Our Careers!

Patience , Perseverance and Focus in Career Choices

There are many occasions in our life , where things don’t go the way we plan or the way we want it. This situation is especially seen in our Career and the choices we make in our career plans.  Any decision taken in haste , will lead to chaos on the long run. It will not provide success leading to happiness in the work we do.

In today’s world, where there is unplanned rush in all aspects of our life, we do the same mistakes by rushing into decisions or looking for alternatives if one option does not work in the short term. Though we plan , if the plan goes awry if and when we face delay, or long  waiting period for situations to turn around positive, many of us lose patience if results are not immediate.

We want higher salaries , designations, promotions, in short spans of time. We lose out on career reality when we are in a hurry.  Many working professionals and aspiring professionals stumble into unrealistic expectations of themselves and their employers or prospective employers.  Frustration lead to desperation and this state of mind leads to many other failures.

Let us take a couple of steps back and rethink on our situation.  Let us start developing patience with ourselves, this will lead to calmness of mind, calmness of mind leads to clarity of thought ; clarity of thought leads to proper discernment of situation at hand. Finally all this leads to taking that informed decision for moving forward. This is definitely not going to be easy, it will involve a stream of struggles to overcome the stalemate in our career to take the well discerned decision.

We have seen many candidates who lose patience and lack the right temperament for discerning well.  This is cutting across all ages, gender and different functional experiences.  These moments of stalemate are an excellent time to step back and observe and discern where we stand objectively. This requires immense doses of patience , perseverance and focus.  These times are also times to relearn things about ourselves and where we are , where we want to go and how we plan to achieve our long term goals.

We wish and hope that you become strong in the virtues of Patience, Perseverance , Focus, thereby leading to greater Discernment. All the Best!


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