Manoj and his best quirk

As the tea boy left a cup by the table, Manoj made it a point to make eye contact and say, ‘Thank you’. Manoj was also the person who found a way to compliment something everyone hated, like seeing a silver lining in a dark cloud.

During our professional journey, we cross paths with many a Manoj, people who recognize and appreciate the little things. These are the ones, whom people vie to work for. You may have even been lucky to have worked for a Manoj. For, more than salary, designation, status, when you are recognized and appreciated for your contribution, your career is punctuated with immense joy.

Whether it is an act of kindness, or a positive outlook to life, striving to be a Manoj may even allow you to be more in your own life. How? Notice how every Manoj, who finds a way to look at the positive, is always cheerful and optimistic. Being polite, courteous, kind, having manners, goes on to define our character. It could be a ‘Great job!’ for something done in time, or a ‘Thank you’ to someone who helped you, or even something as easy as a ‘Good morning’ to the watchman who watches over the office premises. You’ll notice that this small change has a positive ripple effect on their attitude, as well as your own.

In our busy lives, we have forgotten these lessons taught to us at school – three magical words (please, thank you and sorry), being polite, having manners, or even giving credit where it’s deserving. Sit up and take notice of the little things. These little things are what lead to big transformations. Do remember, that if you are feeling undervalued and unappreciated, ask yourself, when did you last value or appreciate something someone has done? For recognition and appreciation is a two-way street. 

In our own professional journeys, we often complain about leaders and managers not taking notice of our efforts. Perhaps, they didn’t learn to be a Manoj. I’ll tell you one thing, becoming Manoj takes time. You’ve got to start today to be that leader who’s noticing the little things and acknowledging them.

For starters, I urge you to ensure you try and be a Manoj at least once a day. Once you begin to enjoy it, be more and do more.

In closing, I leave you with this quote to think about,

What you do today can improve all your tomorrows” -Ralph Marston

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