When an international opportunity comes calling!!

This is the story of Mr. N. One and a half years ago, he reached out to me to evaluate a domestic offer and the kind of questions to expect in an interview. He got that job and has been doing well at work. A few days back, he called again to evaluate a job opportunity in South East Asia for a company with global presence. He was offered a job that had global operations responsibility. He had completed the first round of interview and was asked to quote an expected salary. Being his first international opportunity, he decided to check with me about the number he should be asking for.

After understanding what was expected of him, I suggested that he consider the following aspects:

1.    The offer will be based on the salary levels of the region in consideration.

2.    An International Salary range should not and cannot be compared to the Indian Salary, either in the present or the future.

3.    Understand the learning and career development opportunities of this international role versus a current/ domestic opportunity.

4.    The opportunity cost involved in taking up the offer abroad versus remaining in the current role.

5.    The taxation norms of the country in consideration. It is ideal for it to be tax free but pay extra attention and care if there is double taxation.

6.    Important for the saving capacity to be reasonably higher than being in India.

7.    To do a research on the salary levels of this Senior Role (not Designation) in the country in consideration.

8.    The potential career growth while being employed in the company in consideration.

9.    Perquisites such as Accommodation, Transport, Food etcetera

N is married too, so these are the additional points that I advised him to consider:

1.    Visa for the family

2.    Children education costs (if applicable)

3.    Type of accommodation provided for family or cost of decent accommodation

4.    Round trip airfare for family

5.    Annual Leave

He was happy with the clarity provided and was clear about the next conversation to be had with the Human Resource team to proceed forward.

If you, like N, are considering an international opportunity, don’t be taken by the job title or the description, do consider all these aspects, do your homework, have these conversations before you proceed.

We wish you luck choosing your next option!

Varghese George

Career Coach and Employability Trainer

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