Failures/Delays/Stagnation in Career Progression!

These are best times to introspect on our strengths, rededicated our efforts 10 fold and reinvent our selves to match the ever changing working challenges/opportunities we face in our lives. We are much more precious than the 100 note, which is crumbled, thrown on the floor and dirtied…the value remains the same. So much more for us human beings whom God created with great love. Our value is priceless. If we do not have bad times, we will never appreciate the good times.. it is balancing equation. All of us go through this. Time will reveal this to us, if we do the above! God Bless!

Collaboration for WIN-WIN-WIN!

Any business goes through its roller coaster rides of business challenges (external and internal). Our aim , has always been to service the client to the best of our abilities and in a professional manner. The conventional WIN-WIN situation is and always be our firm principle.

We were going through a sea change challenges as the employment markets was getting more and more complex with its issues. This required us to rethink on how we are going forward in something we strongly believe. It is very difficult to persevere in the different struggles. One will have  to face many such hurdles, to reach their goals. We also faced this situation. In the due course of our interactions and introspection with our associates, friends and well wishers. One strong learning came out, i.e. Collaboration is the way forward. It also meant , to work with People , who are Professional, and with relevant expertise to create this WIN (Us) – WIN (Client) – WIN (Partner) situation. We now have firmly established two such Collaborative Partners, who have diversified and relevant backgrounds , and moreover, who could be trusted to provide value addition !

This collaborative move, brought in more focus, reignited our efforts to strive for higher levels of excellence. The efforts are now beginning to see results. I am sure, many of us are going through such struggles as an Individual/Company. Maybe , this will help you to rethink on how one would want to scale up/overcome challenges. Hope and Pray that each of us have this kind of God sent experiences to improve our lives.

Trinity Associates, offers Recruitment, Corporate Training, Employability Consulting Services to Corporates & Next Gen Professionals.

For the undivided attn of Job Seekers!

Many of the Job seekers use Placement Consultants as a channel for sourcing jobs.  A recent incident, which occurred is the motivation behind this article. A friend and professional associate, was approached by a “Consultant” stating that there are job opportunities which are available and that he would need to pay about Rs. 16,000/- for their “services”.  My friend , contacted me and we did some check and found out that this company was a fraudulent one and had earlier criminal cases , had been shut down and had recommenced their business.  My friend , decided against using their services based on the information provided.  The author of this article has also experienced such situations, earlier in the beginning of his career , while hunting for jobs. This lead us to think about the many gullible job seekers, who would not have access to such information.  Hence this article.  There are a few critical pointers one needs to look for while utilizing the services of Placement Consultant .  Some of them are listed below:

  1. When you are approached by a Placement Consultant, please assess the company/Consultant background , before getting into any payment. The assessment should include their prior experience and expertise in the industry, the background of the promoters etc.
  2. Any kind of financial implication, should not be immediately paid, when only a promise or statement that job opportunities will be got .
  3. Any amount , termed as registration fee or agency fee, is the 1st indicator of something going wrong, especially , if asked as advance.
  4. One needs to personally visit the office of the Consultant and ascertain , whom one is dealing with.
  5. There are professional bodies in this sector also, such as Executive Recruiters Association , Indian Staffing Federation, who would follow professional ways of rendering services. One could check their websites.
  6. For senior level openings such as 10+ experience, it will be ideal to meet the Consultant handling your profile in person , to understand more details of the role and the agency’s expectations.
  7. Always check and verify Consultants from other cities/ towns, as one cannot know the actual workings without visiting them in person. One could always check with friends, family , peers about the Consultant , in case they are unable to visit the town or city.
  8. Do also consult Lawyers/ Advocates , who could be in your circle of friends, where the agency fee and terms and conditions are above Rs. 1000/-.

The author has seen candidates offering money to provide fake experience certificates or for finding them a job. The candidates were informed that the path they are taking will not lead them in the right direction on the long run.

Trinity Associates @ 14 years

Trinity Associates has completed 14 years of providing services to Corporates, Institutions, and Candidates with an equal importance to all stakeholders. We have since inception maintained a code of conduct and ethics , in all our interactions. Fourteen years have been immense learning experience, and gained wonderful clientele through these years.

We thank God for being able to guide us through all these years . Appreciate all the clients, candidates, partners/associates and vendors who have been an integral part of our success.

There many times, we have been humbled by the confidence shown by clients on our capabilities. We have always received unsolicited references from clients many times during these years. Trinity Associates constantly aims at being an extended arm of the client in a meaningful and mutually beneficial manner.

Candidates, whom we have placed invariably have worked for long duration , and performed well, thereby building our credibility of our firm.

Partners/ Associates / Vendors have been constant support and provided timely help.

Our focus till now has been on Recruitment and Training. We have recently launched Employability Consulting , an unique one to one career guidance services for aspiring professionals and working professionals. This will be one of major focus areas in the coming years. We hope, that we continue to provide meaningful services in the these three domains of HRD

Wishing you all success and good health.

Varghese George

The RAF way of Overcoming Failures

At every stage of our life, we experience failures at different levels. This is a reality, we need to accept it as a first step towards overcoming failures. Failure are of different types, commonly experienced by many, failure at home, in not meeting the expectations of Parents / Spouse ; failure with friends, in not conforming to peer “standards”; failure in academics , missing a couple of marks to a reach a centum or completely failing in the subject paper or it could be failure in career, unable to get the desired job/salary/hike etc.

This article will focus on two of the above aspects. One,  failure in academics and  two, failure in career. Failure or Hurdles have always been part of our lives. The focus should be on how we overcome these. Let us first defocus ourselves the term “failure” and refine our thoughts and actions to act on this as “learnings from life”. Success is a life long journey, filled with hurdles / roadblocks . Each of these will teach us a strong lesson for life. One clear fact, which comes from these learnings, is that we know one method, which will not work for sure i.e the attempted way. There are always alternative solutions to problems. We need to continue to look for these solutions.

All the roadblocks, one experiences constantly is to be viewed differently and never stop from working forward towards one’s goal. One thing is certain, Life is too precious to be wasted away on such issues. One has to treat each hurdle as a constructive learning for his future. Each of us have a potential different from the other. One needs to identify the inner potential and strengths and work on improving them , to meet our respective goals.

RAF ( Relearn, Adapt, Focus ) method will help each of us to gain confidence and move forward in life. Relearn our attitude and approach, in what are trying to achieve in our goals ; Quickly Adapt to new methods and gain knowledge to substantiate them ; Stay Focus on what we aim to do with positive thoughts leading to better results.

Few of the complementary aspects to the RAF method are to , aim at being Content with the limitations, each one of us have. Avoid comparing oneself with anyone else, be it classmates, colleagues, peers, seniors etc.

Next time, you face a hurdle, choose to overcome it with adequate knowledge and go ahead to succeed!

Wishing you newer and customized ways to succeed!

Resume Writing-Rewriting

Few Key Pointers before writing/updating your Resume:

– What are the skills one has to highlight, to meet the specific job ? Make a list of the top 5 which are relevant to the role applied for. Substantiate these skills with experience, if your have work experience; else list and explain to them, how you arrived at it

– For those, who are updating their resume, say after a year or so. List down the new expertise / knowledge gained. Map this with the new role being applied for

– Refocus and Defocus on Skills, Experience : Refocus on skills and experience gained to help you move forward in your career. Defocus on skills, which are not that important or basic requirements for the role ( Eg.: knowledge of MS Office)

– Identify the areas of improvement and review on how you will overcome the queries raised– Avoid copy and pasting responsibilities from other resumes.

– Review your resume and ensure there is no false information in the resume.

-Decide on which contact no. or email id is to be provided for successful accessibility to you.

– Career Objective should be specific to your expertise/skill/graduation.-Check if you have your latest passport size photo to be included in the resume.

– Cross verify your details such as education, work experience/internships etc for exact duration and designations

Authored by Varghese George

The 2 W’s of Employability Catalyst?

Who is an Employability Catalyst ?

An Employability Catalyst (EC) is one, who could provide an objective assessment and review of your career path. Right from the basics of Resume, Interview Reviews, to Career Progression, Strength + Positive Focused Career planning etc. The EC will have to have an in-depth experience in hiring process, interviewing, career development, and cross functional and cross industry experience. Thereby sharing the knowledge and skills required to move from the “side road” to the “main road”.

Why an EC is required ?

An Individual normally requires an external resource person to be healthy and develop oneself. In Education, there is a Teacher ; In sickness there is Doctor, In Careers it is an EC. An EC could walk with you, provide insight into the various blind spots in the areas that matter in your career progression. Senior Management and Top Management professionals have a Mentor/Coach. Not everyone could afford and have access to these professionals. The EC will work as the catalyst required to give this boost in the right direction, by highlighting positive aspects of the Individual’s professional life. This will also cover the areas of improvement required to complement the career growth.